You’re doing it wrong

From working in restaurants for all of my adult life (5 years) I have started to notice one repetitive thing happening with my clients: Customers you’re doing it wrong!  The main reasons the customer is having a bad experience are a few steps that they’re doing themselves that could be prevented:

1.Arriving Late
This is a continuous problem that I have faced. In a busy restaurant bookings are made to help the flow of service, the hostess or manager will have carefully organised the bookings to help themselves, the kitchen, the bar and the wait staff have a controlled, easy flowing night so they have extra time to pay extra attention to their guests! But I encounter late arrivals every weekend and they get angry when their Bellini takes 5 more minutes, even when they were 40 minutes late and walked in seeing the table of 15 being seated at the same time and I rest my case. Please don’t be late.

2. Moving too fast
Slow down ponies, calling your waiter over before your whole table is ready to order is just wasting the little time that he/she has therefore slows everyone else’s service. Double checking with the whole table so that your waiter isn’t standing over you waiting for what seems like the hardest decision in the world. So please, take it slooow.
3. Pipe down
It’s not nice for any waiter/host to be ignored at your table. If you see them at your table, acknowledge their presence and maybe stop talking to everyone so they can serve you. It’s not nice to be ignored, nobody likes that.

4. International Laughs
Currently I am working for an international in the green city of Amsterdam, so I encounter several hundred tourists every week. One thing that has left me self conscious or embarrassed is trying to talk with a table that constantly mumble in their own language and have the whole table in stitches laughing at something you have no idea about! Let me in on the joke you meanies! I’m constantly checking if there is something on my face but I  never do. So please don’t make a girl doubt her beauty. If I’m happy you’re happy, save your laughter for when I leave the table.

5. Not tipping
Leaving just 10% is enough for any waiter to he happy! But when the customer leaves not one cent, the waiter is going to feel extremely  unappreciated! As well as being the main provider for us financially, we also see tips as a thank you from our guests. Leaving nothing is like saying you hated us. Be cool.

6. Bad Mood : Bad Taste
This is a big factor in your bad dining experience. If you begin your evening with a bad mood, that will infect your waiter and give them an equally bad mood! It’s like a chain reaction, you pass your bad mood onto the waiter and they have this new attitude for the rest of the night that will make it harder for them to relax, leading to immidiate stress! So please, greet your waiter with a smile and your dining experience will leave you smiling. A smile goes and long way people.

7.Don’t make me blush:
This is more personal and it obviously happens to waitresses all over the world. If you like me please don’t confess your love for me and ask me out in front of all of your friends. In the end I become embarrassed and reject you and then I’m too shy to go over again because the whole table is laughing at me. So please if you take a liking don’t embarrass yourself I’m not interested really.
Save the romance for outside a girls job, jeez.

In the end, I really feel like this I this an important message to all of the diners out there who have had a bad experience, maybe this will improve your night. Thank you for reading.
Peace and love,  S


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