Managing Me

I have been working in the hospitality industry for five years now, I started working in a steakhouse in my hometown in Dublin. It was a small business but I learned the basics there and worked for a lovely mangeress who frankly had OCD and was the pickiest woman I know, but she got the job done and in a way she was my mentor!

After three years in the steakhouse I moved over to Marbella, Spain to live with my boyfriend and along the beach on the costa del sol was where I really learned what hard work was! I worked 12 hour days 5 days a week in a booming churinguito on the beach.

My manageress at this restaurant was very controlling and judgmental and continues to focus on every bad point rather than encouraging us with the positive comments, which in my opinon is a very important managing technique that many of the women I have worked with never understood.

I have recently moved to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and I was offered a job on my second day after arrival! I work only with men and I have been noticing a few differences in managing techniques between men and women!

  • Men treat you like a grown up, whereas women will always try to be your mother-
  • Men are never judgmental! Come in hungover if you like! Women will always judge, trust me.
  • Men forget the details that are never over looked by women.
  • Men are more of a laugh to be honest. Have a sense of humour ladies.
  • Men praise you for what you do for the business, whereas women will focus soley on the bad points.
  • Its not just work for men either, they take time out to get to know the employees.

I´m sure i could be suprised by a future female manager but as a woman myself, if ever I find myself in a managing position I will absolutely carry on both elements that I have learned from working with both men and women because I think it could be the Ying and the Yang to a good service and a good business.

There are many secrets to the trade that even as a waitress it´s easy to see and a good relationship with your employees can lead to more sales, happier clients and an amazing work atmosphere that even the customers will love!

My first blog post I hope it was informative.

Peace and Love,

Seana Mary



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